The African Rally Championship already seems Manvir Baryan’s for the taking but not yet for his navigator Drew Sturrock.

Baryan only needs to start in Zambia to fulfill the ARC regulations of covering at least two events from each region before he could be crowned the 2017 ARC champion.

Manvir Baryan was once again in a class of his own in the sixth round of the ARC in Rwanda, where he took lead from the start to the finish.

It was the third successive ARC victory for the Multiple Rally Team that moved them closer to the title.

However, it’s not over yet for his co-driver Drew Sturrock in the race for the co-drivers championship.

Whereas Baryan only needs just a start in Zambia, Sturrock must finish to be the ARC co-driver champion.

The Scot is 22 points ahead of Urshlla Gomes. A non finish can deny him the opportunity to become a winner incase of a win for the Gomes.

“The big challenge is now done, only waiting to participate in Zambia and start the celebrations. But I need to celebrate along with my co-driver who still needs a finish in Zambia to be assured of the title,” said Baryan.

Nevertheless, Sturrock is highly confident ahead of the finale in Zambia.

“The three victories have really given us confidence and I believe Zambia shouldn’t be a problem for us. All I need is a finish and my driver will keep that in mind,” he told Kawowo Sports.

“It feels good knowing that I could become a champion in Africa. From the great experience in different countries and now closer to the title, it’s really incredible for me,” he added.

Drew Sturrock is a Scottish national who joined Manvir Baryan in 2013 and have done all events since.

The ARC finale is scheduled for 21-23rd October in Zambia.

Top five ARC standings after Round 6

Manvir Baryan (KY) 90points
Leroy Gomes (ZMB) 65
Kleevan Gomes (ZMB) 38
Christakis Fitidis (UG) 36
Giancarlo Davite (BEL) 33

Drew Sturrock (SCOT) 90points
Urshlla Gomes (ZMB) 68
Riyaz Latife (ZMB) 37
Eric Nzamwita (RWA) 36
Khetia Nital (BUR) 30